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Paidion Children’s Ministry Certificate Program


Paidion Children’s Ministry is proud to introduce the English version of its popular Children’s Ministry Certificate Program

Unit Standard 1: The church (The subject)

  • What is the church’s reason for existence?
  • How does one become part of the church?
  • Can children already become part of the church?

Unit Standard 2: The child (The object)

  • What are the uniquenesses of the child?

Unit Standard 3: Children’s ministry (The task)

  • What is a definition and are the core values of children’s ministry?
  • In what practical ways can the church minister to the child regarding: Grace (Salvation), God’s Word (Bible), God-directed talk (Prayer), Groups (Community of believers), Gifts and Going (Witnessing)?
  • Which are some guidelines for making and using some visual aids?

Unit Standard 4: Children’s ethics & pastoral care (The task continued)

  • How can I guide a child in his choices?
  • How can I guide a child from his crises?

For more information and entry forms >>Click Here << (Documents are in a zip file)