Paidion Children’s Ministry’s one year Certificate Course


Application Procedure and

Application Form for 2024

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Short Learning Programme with Competency Certificate


  • Ministers/ pastors and their wives
  • Full-time and voluntary children’s ministers
  • Leaders and personnel at children’s churches/ catechesis/ Sunday School
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • (Prospective) au pairs
  • Anyone who otherwise works with or with a love for children


Different churches:

“This is the most valuable training I have received in my ministry. I highly recommend the Paidion Children’s Ministry course to any teacher, youth worker or volunteer. The theory of the course is Biblically based, scientifically accountable and timeless… The course results in practical skills learned…’
Rev Sakkie van den Bergh (Minister, Dutch Reformed Church)

“An indispensable part of every pastor’s, youth worker’s, and parent’s life.”
Rev Francois Human (Minister, Dutch Reformed Church)

“Excellent! In tune with my heart for creating a new Biblical generation!’
Past Johan Pieterse (Pastor, AFM)

“The best thing that could happen to me at this age.”
Edna Piek (Former women’s leader in the URCSA & primary school teacher)

“Why haven’t I discovered this information in my teaching career 20 years ago? It would have made me a better teacher to understand the child better… Fantastic info!’
Annatjie Fourie (Member of Lede in Christus & primary school teacher)

More minister’s

‘There have been four major life-changing turning points in my life: my conversion, marriage, coming from my children and this course!’ Rev Derick du Toit (Minister, Dutch Reformed Church)

More teachers

“I learned more about the child in this course than in my 4 years of training to become a teacher.”
Biggs van Wyk (Primary school teacher)

‘The best course of its kind that I’m aware of.’
Ronél du Randt (Kindergarten Principal & was kindergarten leader in a macro congregation)

‘An unparalleled highlight, indescribably wonderful, life-changing and enriching. A must for everyone who is enthusiastic about God’s heart for children.”
Dr Tiesie de Coning (Former lecturer at PU for CHE, former teacher & children’s church coordinator of a macro congregation)


Module 1: A Definition of Children’s Ministry

·       The subject, object and task of children’s ministry

Module 2: The Church (The Subject of Children’s Ministry)

·       What is the purpose of the church?

·       How does one become a part of the church?

·       Can children already become part of the church and do children become part of the church in the same way as teenagers and adults?

Module 3: The Child (The Object of Children’s Ministry)

·       Who is that child? (The internal and external uniquenesses of the child)

Module 4: Children’s Ministry (The Task of Children’s Ministry)

  • The character of children’s ministry (The core values of children’s ministry)
  • In what practical ways can the church minister to the child regarding:
    • Salvation
    • God’s Word
    • Prayer
    • Fellowship of believers
    • Gifts
    • Witnessing
    • Integration
    • Green Awareness
    • Battle (with the devil)
    •  Spirit
  • What guidelines are there for the making and utilization of some visual aids?

Module 5: Children’s Ethics and Children’s Pastorate (The Task of Children’s Ministry continued)

·       How can a child be guided in his choices?

·       How can a child be guided out of his crises?


To provide you with:

·       the necessary frame of mind from which you should think about children’s ministry,

·       the best possible knowledge towards children’s ministry,

·       the necessary skills towards children’s ministry,

·       the necessary feeling that you can think, talk and do (about) children’s ministry with boldness and confidence and

·       a Paidion Children’s Ministry Competency Certificate.


Dr Leon van Zyl

·       spent 25 years in  full-time congregational ministry,

·       received child evangelism training in the USA,

·       has 29 years of experience in children’s ministry,

·       attended several children’s ministry conferences in the USA,

·       was assistant National Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship SA (CEFSA/ KEBSA),

·       was Head: Children’s Ministry at the Huguenot College,

·       has been Head: Paidion Children’s Ministry since 1996,

·       was guest children’s ministry course leader at the Theological Faculties of the Universities of Stellenbosch, Pretoria and Vista,

·       received the CBSA Award for the best children’s book in SA in 1999: Jy mag maar vra … oor God en Jesus,

·       was co-author of the Jy mag maar vra omnibus (2005) and author of Die ontwikkelingsfases van jou kind (2007) and

·       established the children’s ministry at the church without walls (Verwoerdburgstad Dutch Reformed Church ) from 2000 to 2004.


Closing date of application: 23 Feb 2024
Qualification:  Persons of all denominations with at least a Grade 12 or equivalent certificate
Cost and payment options: On Application Form (Varies between R4000 and R4300/ person. Discount for early birds and group applications.)
Course duration: 1 Year per correspondence and practical on a Friday and/ or a Saturday after the October school holidays
Course extent: 5 modules/ books
Language: Afrikaans and English
Assignments and assessment:  Only 2 tot 4 very short assignments per module, only assessment of assignments, no exams
Study guidance (SG): SG 1 at the beginning of March (with course commencement), SG 2 just after the July school holidays and SG 3 just after the October school holidays (with Practical). Preferable personal presence at SG 1 & SG 2 in the north (Pretoria) or south (Cape Town). SG 1 & 2 can also be followed on Teams if personal presence is not possible.
Receipt of course material: Modules 1 & 2 are recieved with SG 1 in March. Other modules are recieved electronically at intervals and at specific times .
Practical: Compulsory personal presence with SG 3. A higlight on a Friday and/ or a Saturday after the October school holidays in Pretoria or Cape Town.
Certificate: A Paidion Children’s Ministry competence certificate is obtained by learners after successful completion of the course.


There is copyright on all the material. That means that the material may not be duplicated or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Paidion Children’s Ministry

Paidion Children’s Ministry, however, hereby grants permission that learners may:

  • duplicate or reproduce it once for own use within 5 days after receiving the material and

requires that:

  • it must be deleted from the computer/ laptop/ device immediately thereafter and
  • the right of use may not be granted to anyone else.


  • Fill in the Application Form at the bottom.
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  • Your chosen means of payment must at the latest be paid into Paidion Children’s Ministry’s account (with banking details below) by 23 Feb 2024 and Proof of Payment must also be sent to
  • After this full details about the commencement of the course will be sent to you.
  • Course material will be transmitted to you electronically at intervals and at specific times.
  • The course material must be duplicated or reproduced within 5 days after receiving the material and then be deleted from the computer/ laptop/ device immediately. Cf. Copyright above.


Account name: Paidion Children’s Ministry
Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 406 815 1459 (Cheque)
Branch Code: 632 005
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